The Most Iconic Fans.

Who Are Row 1’s?

Over the past few years, Wildchat Sports has grown a promising reputation within the intersection of sports & Hollywood, widely known for hosting interviews with some of the biggest stars. However, one thing missing throughout our journey is our guests owning a piece of intellectual throughout our journey while continuing to grow a sports community in Hollywood. Arguably the most coveted seat at any sporting event is to sit in the very first row as most influential individuals, primarily public figures, choose to sit in best seats in the building. To celebrate our guests, we are excited to announce we are launching a short form cartoon production based on recreating some of the most historic moments in sports with the most iconic fans getting a front row seat . This is the first animation project depicted on your favorite celebrities reliving the most unforgettable moments and showing them all as fans.

How It Works?


  1. Website Launch
  2. General Admission Tickets For Sponsors – Thirty-Seven Row 1 Tickets will be dropped and will be applied to episodes.
  3. Row 1 Main Characters – 3 to start out, more main characters randomly added to show as time goes on
  4. Guest Stars Will Begin Receiving Their One Of a Kind Row 1 Characters, no timeline for when received
  5. Begin creating one of kind sports trading cards for guests
  6. Begin releasing short form cartoon animations with guests featured
  7. Phase Done! Roadmap 2.0 Released TBD

Main Characters

As a reminder we are a cartoon production first, with the added benefit to have ownership of intellectual property over characters as we continue to grow. This is our attempt to create our version of “The Simpsons” or “Disney”, and for you to have that chance to create a new identity in metaverse if wanted. Currently Courtside King, Jeweled-Out Joker, & Courtside Cat are our main characters. If one does decide to make an investment, we anticipate making additional benefits & surprising utility for holders down the road.

Why Be a Guest?

  • After each podcast is published, one of a kind illustrations are created & gifted
  • Create own one of kind digital sports trading card
  • Each guest is guaranteed custom cartoon
  • Cartoon will be featured in our shorts
  • Receive cut of sponsorship if refer us to partner
  • More gifts to come
  • Priority in interviews with future guests if wanted
  • Invite Only

Ticket Holders

  • Being a ticket holder is simply one who wants to advertise or sponsor through our cartoon or on our podcast.
  • These ticket holders are considered members and will get opportunities to promote work in animations and on podcasts.
  • 1 GA Ticket= 3 Ad Reads where episodes are listed at bottom of ticket. These tickets can be used to promote your music, business, content, own podcast and more!
  • If you sell ticket, you are essentially selling your ad placement as well
  • Write script for ad read then send for approval
  • Access to members-only merchandise
  • As we anticipate our network to grow, so will the shares of each episode…we’re all in this game!

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